Sisters Visit St. Jude

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In 2014, Tri Delta committed to raising $60 million in 10 years to name Tri Delta Place, the on-campus, short-term housing facility at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Last weekend, two of our sisters, Alaina Schukraft and Carolyn Wright, had the opportunity to travel to Memphis to attend the formal dedication of Tri Delta Place alongside over 400 sisters from chapters across the country. Check out what Alaina and Carolyn had to say about their visit to St. Jude!


St. Jude is an absolutely incredible place. This past weekend has left us in awe of the work that not only the hospital does, but also what we as a Greek organization have been able to accomplish for such an amazing cause. The dedication of Tri Delta Place really put into perspective what an amazing contribution we have been able to make for such a great cause. Triangles, pearls, and pansies can be seen all over this remarkable building that creates a home away from home for many of the patients and families that come to St. Jude.

Over the course of the weekend, not only did we get the chance to visit the amazing hospital and Tri Delta Place, but we also got to spend time with some of our sisters from around the country and learn about how we could relay the excitement we were feeling about St. Jude back to our own chapters. We sat through brainstorming sessions, information sessions, and were privileged to listen and learn from other chapters across the nation. Not only were we able to learn from other sisters, we also had the chance to learn from patients and families when they came and spoke about their experiences and how Tri Delta has had an impact on their family and their journey with St. Jude. The effect that Tri Delta has had on the organization as a whole, can be seen from the hallways and the rooms of the hospital to the smiles on the faces of the patients and their families.  Throughout these sessions, not once did the patients or families talk about the treatment, they focused on all of the positive things that St. Jude has provided for them. The patients referred to the doctors, childhood specialists, and staff at the hospital as their family.


This weekend has left us re-inspired and motivated to get out chapter involved in as many ways possible. The gratitude from every family and employee of St. Jude for all that Tri-Delta does is truly moving and we feel so fortunate that we were able to represent our chapter there. We’ve come back with a reignited passion for St. Jude and the work that we can do as a chapter to support our philanthropy. We have so many ideas for new events and ways to revamp events that we already have. We can’t wait to share all of the things we learned with our chapter and get started with planning an amazing year! 



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