Meet Our Sisters

Meet Mal Marcus,

Few people in this world can command attention like Mal.  Her personality is always over-the-top fun and she hasn’t slowed down in all four years at Elon!  As a senior working towards her BFA in Acting she found her love of theater at age 8 on the Chicago stage.  Alongside community and school productions Mal was hired as a choreographer for the Chicago theaters Northlight and Improv Playhouse.

This week the senior BFA students will host their senior thesis production and opening night of “Columbinus” is November 15th.  The show centers around the school shooting at Columbine High School in 1999.  The first act is relatively light and each character plays a high school “stereotype” going through typical teenage issues.  This is also when the audience gets to know Dylan and Eric (the two shooters) on an intimate level.  The second act is all about the preparation and actual event of the shooting massacre.  The show displays a very accurate depiction of the planning of the event, and even shows the 911 call made from the school that day as well as exact quotes from students about what happened.

Mal plays the character “Perfect.”  She’s supposedly “queen bee” of the school, very social and popular.  She looks like she has it all together on the outside, but you come to realize that her life isn’t so “perfect.” And then, by the second act everyone drops their character and just becomes a regular student, explaining the event of the shooting.

“There is so much hard work and dedication that went into making this show a reality and I couldn’t be prouder of the BFA Acting Class of 2013,” said Mal. “We are truly a family and the best support system to have through this whole experience.  The show has had a huge impact on my life, both as an artist and an average individual.  The audience is sure to be touched by this amazing play, and I am incredibly lucky to be the one who gets to share it with them.”

Additionally to this role Mal has acted in the following productions : Macbeth (Witch), Laramie Project (Reggie Flutty), High School Musical (Sharpay), and Rent (Alexi Darling).


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