Delta’s Rock the Vote

“It is incredibly important for all Americans to vote in this election! Even if you think politics are boring and don’t affect you personally, it is important to look at the larger picture. As a member of Model UN I have seen how important it is for the United States to show the world the importance of democracy. If Americans don’t vote, how can we expect people to in the countries with fledgling democracies?” Anna McCracken, Secretary of MUN and the Charge d’Affaires of the International Crisis Conference at Elon 

“Having a voice in who represents you in government is something that so many people around the world would, and in some places are, dying for! It would be a sin for us as Americans to throw that opportunity away. Whichever way you believe, it is imperative that you vote, because it’s one of the only ways we can count on our democracy to prosper.”  Caitlin Clarke, Student Issues Chairman of SGA, President of Pi Sigma Alpha

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