SURF Day Scholars

It’s CELEBRATE! Week at Elon!

The week is full of seminars, art exhibitions, plays, a film festival, and dance and music performances to honor academic and artistic achievements of Elon students.

On Tuesday the Student Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF) will be held across campus. Tri Delta is proud to have four sisters presenting their research! Check out what each sister has been working so hard on, and come support them on Tuesday!

Click here for a full schedule of CELEBRATE! Week.

Carissa Hilliard

What: I’ll be presenting my Honors Thesis ‘Telemedicine and Oncology: A Study in the Effectiveness of Cancer Support through Social Media.’

When & Where: McKinnon Hall from 12:00-2 pm

Why: I’m double-majoring in Pre-Med and Communications Science, which I’ve been able to combine through the evolving field of telemedicine, which involves the connection of medicine across distance  through videoconferencing, robotic surgeries, and social media. Next year I’ll be working for the North Carolina Hospital Association and hope to attend medical school for oncology in the near future.

How: I analyzed the Facebook presence of the top three cancer centers in the U.S. to determine if this was a viable method for patients, doctors, and anyone else involved in the oncological world to interact and gain information.

Click here for more about Carissa.

Katie Seringer

What: My research is titled “As much as I hate the disease, i dont know where I’d be today without it”: Experiences of Acceptance and Rejection in HIV illness narratives.

When & Where: KOBC LaRose Digital Theater at 1:00 pm

Why: I am a Human Services and Public Health double major and this research really melds my love of helping others and academics. I have loved working with this population. It has changed my life and allowed me to go deeper into my academics.

How: I interviewed 25 people at a center for people living with HIV in Greensboro, and then gathered the narratives to review themes. I then made conclusions based on these themes so that social work practioners who deal with HIV can have an understanding of the HIV illness narrative.

Click here for more about Katie.

Kathryn Knaus

What: My research focuses on the proteins amyloid beta and insulin and their implications in Alzheimer’s Disease and Type II Diabetes. It’s the topic of my thesis for the Honors Fellows Program.

When & Where: KOBC 244 at 1:40 pm

How: Since the proteins cause symptoms when they clump together, I am currently testing specific parts of their structures in order to see if I can prevent them from clumping.

Why: I chose this project in particular because my grandmother has advancing Alzheimer’s Disease, and the results of my research have the potential to improve treatments and cures.

Lizzie Johnson

What: My research is titled ‘Biological & Chemical Weapons: Likelihood of Acquisition and Use By Non-State Actors.’

When & Where: KOBC 244 at 11:00 am

Why: This is extremely relevant in today’s world given the changing nature of terrorism. It has nothing to do with what I am doing upon graduation, I was simply intrigued by the topic!

How: I looked at 2 case studies and was able to draw some important comparisons.


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