Lumen Scholar

Congratulations to sophomore Cleo Dan who was awarded the honor of Lumen Scholar!  It is the highest award a student can receive at Elon, and she is one of 15 students to be granted the honor.  Read about her project below, and then click here to read more about Cleo outside of academia.

Title: Abandoning the Bomb and Embracing the Pen: How and Why Ethnonationalist Terrorist Organizations Adopt Non-Violent Tactics. 

“My research investigates three ethnonationalist terrorist organizations and their transition from pursuing policy goals of separatism through terrorist tactics into political processes. Through comparative case studies, I will examine the ideological motivations and methodology behind the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in their substitution of bloodshed for nonviolence.”

Click to read the full list of 2012 Lumen Scholars.


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