Philanthropic Way of Life

A huge part of our organization in Tri Delta is to “develop a stronger and more womanly character.”  (You can read it for yourself, in our purpose.)  And a key part of a strong and womanly character is giving back.  We recognized our privileged status in the world, as most of us have good health, strong education, and most importantly- a helping hand.  For this reason philanthropy is not just a check to be marked off on a To Do list, but a way of living one’s life.

Bellow are two videos showcasing our fundraising efforts where we are trying to give our time into causes that transform us into that helping hand.

DHOP, or Delta House of Pancakes, was a night where we baked delicious treats and celebrated the night with music, friendship, and community!  All of our proceeds went to St. Jude children’s research hospital.

Elonthon is an important right of passage for any Elon student.  Our combined efforts have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Children’s Miracle Network.  This year our very own sister, Allie Weller, is the director of the event which happens this Friday and Saturday.  Cant make it to dance?  Definitely hop over to their site and make a donation for these incredible kids.  (See if you can spot the Tri Delts in the video…we found 6!)

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