West Point Meets Elon Deltas!

On the eve of March 29th, Cleo Dan and Anna McCracken journeyed north to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. For four days, Cleo, Anna and other members of Elon’s Model United Nations cohort participated in USMA’s phenomenal security conference (WPSC). This simulation focused extensively on national security in light of international crises: a topic that both Tri Deltas have explored through their political science and international studies classes.

Anna, who assumed the role of the Commander of the Army Special Forces, says “I learned a lot about military affairs and the U.S. bureaucratic system through my participation at WPSC. It was really valuable to see how the various military commands work together and how different agencies, like the Department of State, work with the military.”

Cleo, who represented the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, also explains that the conference enhanced her “understanding of the internal machinations and conversations within government agencies”. The opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, passionate about international affairs from other universities from around world is also a unique component to Model UN-style conferences. As the renowned saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, thus this conference has provided both Deltas with a new experience to help them achieve their dream jobs as Chief of Protocol for the Department of State and as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

As part of the security conference, delegates were given the opportunity to handle machine guns, walk around the hallowed campus and eat in the spectacular dining hall with cadets. As every Tri Delta woman knows, broadening the intellectual life and developing a stronger character are fundamental purposes of this eternal sisterhood.  “I was so lucky to share this experience with a sister,” Anna says of WPSC, “Having that extra boost of confidence did wonders for me when I was particularly overwhelmed by my position”. Although stress did not inhibit Anna, who left West Point with an outstanding delegate award. As best of friends and sisters, Cleo and Anna look forward to traveling to West Point again next year.


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