Pansy Brunch

Being initiated into Tri Delta means you are a Tri Delta sister for life. Last weekend some of our chapter got the opportunity to meet sisters who joined our sorority many years ago. The Greensboro Alumnae Chapter invited Epsilon Delta to their Annual Pansy Brunch at the Greensboro Country Club.

The women went to universities all over the country and joined the alumnae chapter after settling down in Greensboro. They welcomed our Elon members with open arms and were very interested to hear about our experiences in college and in Tri Delta. Some of the women have just graduated recently while others graduated over 50 years ago. Three alumnae were honored with the Golden Circle Pin, marking 50 years of membership in Tri Delta.

A guest speaker joined us for brunch–retired local news broadcaster Sandra Hughes. She described her struggles after college trying to find a teaching job and how she randomly applied at a news station, desperate for work. Sandra encouraged sisters that  opportunities don’t work out because they are not a right fit. She spoke to the group about persevering and being proud of your individual skills.

Each sister left the brunch with a new understanding of how to love oneself in addition to steadfastly loving one another.


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