Letter Writing

Last year, our chapter alone raised 50,000 dollars for St. Jude.  That is an incredible amount of money, and the bulk of it comes from our campaign, Sincerely Yours.  Through Sincerely Yours, we write and send out letters to friends, family, and (sometimes) even Oprah.  This year we wrote an incredible amount of letters, the most our chapter has ever written!

Congratulations to all girls who helped write, now we are just waiting for the donations to roll in!  A special congratulations to the following girls who went above and beyond to help St. Jude.

Chelsie Tefft wrote 224 letters, Julie Crothers wrote 199 letters, and Ellie Stratton-Brook wrote 142!  The following girls wrote over 100 letters: Liz Burns, Eli Augustus, Anna Lee Crenshaw, Katie Jo Mayfield, Sarah Deike, and Aidan Ganzert!

Fun fact, the amount of postage required to mail all those letters was $3,760…enough to fly to Australia and back in first class!


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