Reflections of a Field Consultant

Last week Tri Delta Field Consultant Anna Dilworth came to spend some time with our chapter. She met with officers to discuss the progress and the future of their positions and also just hung out at the house with sisters. Having visited so many chapters across the country, her opinion really means a lot to us.

Anna’s First Impression:

“The moment I walked through the doors at Epsilon Delta I was welcomed with smiles and flowers – what’s not to love?  My initial impression of Elon was a friendly campus with a group of Tri Delta women who love each other and are always seeking improvement.  I enjoyed speaking with all of the Epsilon Delta officers because each of them were curious and looking to expand their roles within the chapter.”

Our Chapter in 3 Words:

Our Chapter’s Strengths:

“I think the strongest part of the Epsilon Delta chapter is that they are constantly striving to improve as a group in all areas.  The chapter’s ability to stay motivated for growth and development will serve them well!  This will keep everyone from becoming satisfied with the status quo and achieving less than their full potential.”

Anna’s Favorite Time at Elon:

“My favorite experience at Elon was getting to hang out with some of the house residents, including
Poseidon the ‘house cat,’ each day at the chapter house.  It was fun getting to spend time with those members each day and seeing the chapter’s personality through them.


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