Gearing Up for Greek Week

The words determination and pride are common in any Elon student’s vocabulary. If you want to truly witness the pride, determination and comradery of some of Elon’s most active students, look no further than the 1,200+ students involved in Greek life and one of our most beloved traditions:

For those who have never experienced Elon’s Greek Week before, let me give you a quick crash course, because it is truly like no other.

Lesson #1: Greek Week is much more than 1 week.

In fact with just under 2 months before the kick off of Greek Week, I can guarantee you organizations have already began practicing for their Greek Week Dance.

Lesson #2: Greek Week Dance is the poster child of the week, and the themes are often kept locked away tighter than some of our deepest secrets (this is not a joke).

Dressed as Pink Ladies for Greek Week Dance!

As one of the week’s most anticipated events, organizations, and sororities in particular take great pride in their dances. Beginning as early as two months in advance, 40-70 members from each sorority will put in as much as 6-9 hours of practice in a week. As the date gets closer, these practices can become significantly longer and more intense!

So why are sisters so devoted all for a 7-minute routine?

“My absolute favorite part of Greek Week is the time spent with sisters during practice,” said senior Katie Fobben, last year’s Activities Chair responsible for putting together Greek Week. “I got countless texts, emails, and Facebook messages encouraging me and appreciating my work. Our sisterhood is truly a support system.”

“Being a dancer gave me amazing opportunities to meet a lot of other women in my chapter,” said sophomore Lauren Koster. “I was a dancer in high school but stopped when I came to Elon, so participating in Greek Week Dance gave me an opportunity to share something I love with the people I love.”

Past themes have included dances around the End of The World, Technology, Gossip Girl, Weather and Circuses.  Checkout the video of our dance below!

Lesson #3: Though the dance may be the poster child, Greek Week consists of much more, and philanthropy has a lot to do with it.

Some colorful Delta Love at Elonthon!

Elonthon, a 24-hour dance marathon that supports Duke’s Children’s Hospital, has traditionally kicked off the week, and raises over $100,000 each year! Each organization has several members that sit on the “Thon” committee, and chapters try to get around 80% of their members to dance at least one shift.

The rest of the week includes a series of individual and team competitions, where women’s organizations are paired up with a men’s organization to act as a team throughout the week.

Events include a cookout, service days, food eating contests, relays and tug-of-war, trivia night, coin wars, and a step show.
Organizations earn points throughout the week and the fraternity and sorority with the most points at the end receives the first place title, as well as a large donation for their organization’s philanthropy.

The week gives them a chance to not only show pride in their organization, but to give back to the community in a fun and competitive way as well.

“It’s is an important factor in unifying the Greek community and providing fun activities for us to participate in,” said Liza White, the newest Activities Chair for Tri Delta this year. “It’s fun and friendly competition between organizations!”

So what’s in store for this year?

Panhellenic sisters participating in Tug of War.

Each year I am so amazed at how much our chapter improves in Greek Week and this year I am hoping to continue making improvements,” said White. “As Tri Delta has done well in the past, I am really hoping to make our dance even more awesome this year!”

For all those considering participating in any of the Greek Week events this year, our sisters agree that’s it’s a must!

“DO IT!” advises Koster. “ Even if you have hesitations just go and try it out at first. If you aren’t enrolled in a contest, rock your letter shirts and go cheer your sisters on!!!”

Checkout the slideshow of all the fun below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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