What My Sorority Gave Me

To the sisters of Tri Delta, our organization is more than just an amazing group of friends. It is a home where many of us have discovered some of the most meaningful people in our lives. Three sisters have volunteered to share what this organization means to them, and how our Tri Delta bonds have impacted their lives.

Jennifer Small

I have been a part of clubs and organizations before but this is the first time that my membership in something has afforded me a second family. Having a support system away from home has inspired me to move outside of my comfort zone and has made me more confident. To me, Tri Delta means lasting bonds, friendships that will transcend college, and a national network of supportive women who share similar values. Most importantly, Tri Delta is my home away from home. My Tri Delta roommate Rachel and my little Alyssa have affected my life immensely and they are huge parts of my life. I can be goofy with them and they are amazingly supportive people. They always keep me on my toes, and have inspired me to be open to new experiences. Whether it’s sitting on the couch, on Pinterest, or dancing around the kitchen singing, I know they will laugh with me and have my back at all times.

Tina Musilli

Tri Delta to me means home. The people I have met in this chapter have helped me realize my true potential just like my family. I got along without them before I met them, but there is no way I could get along without them now. I have two favorite memories of being a Tri Delta that I will never forget. When I received my bid, I was given a gift from a girl I went to high school with who is a Tri Delta in another chapter. Included with the gift was a little note saying “Congrats Tina, we are sisters for life!” I knew how strong of a bond I would have not only with my sisters here at Elon but in other chapters as well. My other favorite memory of being a Tri Delta is running down the hill on Bid Day after being a Pi Chi. I was so unbelievably excited to jump on all 120 of my best friends: I could not have smiled any bigger or hugged anyone more. That must be what winning the lottery feels like; it was an amazing rush of pure joy and happiness. The second that I got there I knew I was back home and knew that I would never want to leave again. Now that I am back, I have never been so proud to be Tri Delta.

Laura Beckstead

Tri Delta means the world to me.  It is a community of girls who genuinely care about each other.  Tri Deltas are always there for each other, and I know I can always count on my sisters for support.  I love seeing my sisters around campus and each one brightens my day in a special way.  I am so grateful for being a member of Tri Delta and for meeting all of these amazing women. Working together with my sisters to raise money for St. Jude is an amazing experience, and Tri Deltas all over the world are connected through this common goal of helping the children at St. Jude.  Being a part of Tri Delta at Elon has truly been a positive experience for me.  I never thought in a million years that I could become so attached to a group of girls but I have and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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