Many Thanks




This week is the culmination of months of planning, practicing, and perfecting.  In Tri Delta we would be nowhere without our strong leaders.  The ladies of our chapter want show our gratitude to Allison Zmozynski, Vice President of Membership, and Stephanie Quinn, Assistant Vice President of Membership, for their hard work and dedication to our sisterhood. 

We couldn’t have gotten here without you.  

In Delta we are bound for life, and to show that love, here is a note from Delta alumnus, Emily Wise, Vice President of Membership in 2011.

Dearest Epsilon Delta Friends,
Just wanted to wish you all the very best for recruitment this week–I know you’ll keep those smiles big, those songs peppy, and that Delta sparkle shining for each and every PNM that comes through our door. I’m so incredibly proud of all the hard work that you’ve done, and it will surely result in an amazing new pledge class for our chapter! I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I opened the door into our house–I’ve never been prouder to represent you all or more terrified!

Zmo & Steph: congratulations on all of your hard work! The chapter couldn’t have chosen two better, stronger, or more gorgeous women to prepare them to recruit the next part of our chapter’s legacy & I hope they’re all loving on you enough to express their thanks. All I can say is enjoy every second of this crazy week, because it will be over before you know it (I promise!). Once again, best of luck pups–can’t wait to see all of the Bid Day pictures when your hard work has paid off.

Delta love and ALL of mine,



(be on the lookout from a note from Brittany Byrd, Vice President of Membership in 2010!)


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