Survival Guide: Recruitment

  1. Dress comfortably but classy; we are girls who do not need to see short skirts and tight tops.

  2. Ask yourself who your role models are, why you want to go through recruitment, and what you want to achieve in life.  The more information you can bring to the table, the better impression of your personality we can get.  Any answer is better than “I don’t know.”

  3. Know that the sister talking to you feels just as nervous about YOU liking HER!

  4. You don’t have to be in the same organization as your best friend.  We (honestly!) have friends in every organization.

  5. Have an open mind.  You hear this so much but stereotypes are broken down once you see the great girls in every sorority.  Look for where YOU feel comfortable.

  6. Take care of yourself during the week!  Get lots of sleep, wash your hands often (or bring hand sanitizer in your coat pocket) and take vitamins to keep from getting sick.

  7. We understand if your clubs and activities slowed down from high school to college, feel free to tell us about high school days!  Exaggerations could put you in a hot spot so bring up past achievements or rock what you have going on right now

  8. Ask US questions!  Think of things you want to know more about ahead of time.  That shows you are invested and have thought through why you want to be here. 

  9. Save your talking for the houses.  Instead of a gab session back in the dorms, keep to yourself where you were invited back.  That way your opinions are the only ones that matter.

  10. Just keep smiling (…just keep smiling…) have fun with it!  Smiling automatically makes you relax and gives you a confident glow.

  11. Rent some movies from the library to watch at night after recruitment is over.  Also, look into delivery places to order food from. 

  12. If you have a coat that looks similar to others (Northface, anything black), put a nametag or ribbon on it so that no one walks off with yours in the scramble between houses. 

  13. Wear shoes that you can ACTUALLY stand in for hours on end.  We won’t even notice your five-inch heels because we will be looking at your face! 

  14. Get to know yourself.  If you are introverted, or clam up when nervous, practice talking about yourself.  We wish we had hours to get to know you, but you have to make a strong impression in a short period of time

  15. Eat breakfast.  Enough said. 

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