What My Sorority Gave Me

To the sisters of Tri Delta, our organization is more than just an amazing group of friends. It is a home where many of us have discovered some of the most meaningful people in our lives. Three sisters have volunteered to share what this organization means to them, and how our Tri Delta bonds have impacted their lives.

Amanda Long

“Tri Delta has helped me to grow, not only as a sister, but as a person.  Of course, just like many of the girls in the chapter, I have found my closest friends and realized the true meaning of sisterhood. I know that these women, no matter the circumstance, will be there for me for the rest of my life.  I have created bonds with all of the women in our chapter that I will never forget.”

How is sisterhood different from friendship?

“A friend is someone you can count on when you’re having a bad day, but a sister is someone who already knew, made you cookies, and is sitting on the couch with you eating Ben and Jerry’s out of the carton to cheer you up.”

Cassie McClellan

“There are so many sisters that inspire me. The entire Mu pledge class makes my day every day; I have loved getting close with everyone since Bid Day almost a year ago! I look up to the Mu class pledge moms, Laura Hashem and Julie Purcell, who are not only extremely passionate about our organization and the people in it, but also helpful and kind. Additionally, I am in love with my family, which includes Allison Zmozynski and Maddie Bray. It has been amazing being welcomed in and becoming close with them. I also look up to Allie Weller because of her work with Reflections and I am so proud of the chapter for helping to implement the program. Honestly, I am inspired by all of my sisters. I love Tri Delta because we’re a diverse organization and I learn something new about someone every day. “

How is sisterhood different from friendship?

“I think friendship is certainly a part of a great sisterhood. Some of my sisters are my best friends, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Sisterhood is a great thing because it has bound all of us together under common values. Reaching out to a sister isn’t intimidating at all because I know that they’ll support me no matter what. It’s as if our collective love and trust for Tri Delta drives us all to give back to our sisterhood in any way we can.”

Allie Weller

“Tri Delta means the world to me. It’s a love that grows every day. For me, it’s all the little things. It’s having someone to eat with and say hi to. It’s the hundred people to laugh with or shoulders to cry on. It’s knowing that I have a group of people so special to me that nothing can break us apart. But then again, it’s the big things too. It’s knowing that I am in the company of hundreds of thousands of women who share my experiences and my bonds. It’s knowing that this love is going to last a lifetime. So I guess my connection to Delta isn’t just the little things or the big things – it’s everything!”

Is there a particular sister or group of sisters who have inspired you?

“Every sister inspires me in some way. That’s what is so special about our chapter! Every one is unique, has something to offer, and a great story to tell. I’m surrounded daily by amazing women, and that in itself is so inspiring.”

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