From Mu to Nu!

G-Big, Big and Little. Delta love is at its finest in our Greek families, and the special bond that sisters share as family members lasts for a lifetime. So, what about being a Pledge Mom? Taking all 47 of the newest Deltas under her wing, being a Pledge Mom is no easy task. Last spring, Laura Hashem and Julie Purcell provided the new Mu class with unwavering guidance, advice and care as the new members learned all about Tri Delta.  “Anytime I’m on campus and I hear someone shout, “Hi Mom!” my day is instantly brightened” Laura says.

As Bid Day 2012 nears, Elon Deltas have become more and more excited to welcome the new Nu class home, especially Laura and Julie. They can’t wait for the newest Deltas to enjoy their new member period. Both women hope that the newest Deltas bond with their pledge class sisters, the entire sorority, and learn about the history of this outstanding organization. “I hope that the new Deltas get a good sense of the foundation of our chapter and our strong values. I hope that they get to know the other members in their pledge class really well and that they have a lot of fun together!” Julie says.

Almost a year after these spectacular Pledge Moms got to meet all of their new Deltas on Bid Day for the first time, they reminisce about how proud they are of Tri Delta’s newest additions.  “Their steadfast devotion to doing what is right is one of the most defining characteristics of a Tri Delta woman, and it really makes me proud to think that I may have helped impart these traits on them during their new member period” Laura states, and Julie agrees with her: “I think they are all so loving, mature, and classy young ladies, so what is there not to be proud of!?”

In welcoming the Nu class, the experienced Pledge Moms share some tips for the new Pledge Moms: “I hope that they cherish their time with the new Deltas and learn from them, because the new member period goes by so quickly!”, Julie suggests. Like Julie, Laura hopes that the new Pledge Moms are “excited and honored”  to take on one of the most important roles of the chapter.

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