Teaching Fellow Travels

A note from Kelsey Cones, a junior Teaching Fellow who is spending Winter Term in the heart of America!

Kelsey at the Lincoln Center, click to view larger.

“Hello!  I am at the Washington Center in Washington D.C. for two weeks.  We have two different week long seminars that are looking at the upcoming presidential election.  The first week was “In Pursuit of the Presidency” and the second week is about “Politics and Media”.  We have been hearing from speakers each morning and have site visits each afternoon.  Some of our speakers are Grover Norquist, Ann Compton, and Howard Dean.  We are went to Philadelphia for a day to visit the National Constitution Center and are visiting Senator Kay Hagan’s Office to talk about educational policies.  During our free time we got to explore so I went to Georgetown and went to Georgetown Cupcakes which are made famous from D.C. cupcakes on TLC.  They were SOOO good.  We went to museums and shopping and all the historical sites.”

Kelsey visiting Georgetown cupcakes! Click for larger.

Why Washington D.C.?

Chillin with some friends at the Museum of Natural History.

“As a teaching fellow we do a lot of educational things, obviously. They want us to become as globally aware as possible and as knowledgeable about subjects as we can.  Freshman year we take a history study tour up and down the east coast.  Sophomore year we study abroad for a semester and get the chance to work in schools with children in either London or Costa Rica.  Junior year we are at the Washington Center and senior year we student teaching!”


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