Meet Our Sisters

Meet Allie Weller,

Picture a highly driven, incredibly motivated, blonde beauty with high goals in a career in law.  (Pretty much exactly like Elle Woods, right?)  Allie’s work with Tri Delta and Elonthon, as well as her passion for law and politics all help build her into an amazing sister.  She comes from Carmel, Indiana and is as sweet as that sounds.  She says her leadership in a sorority has been invaluable to her professional foundation, as she has learned, “How to lead a group, work towards a common goal, be super responsible, and have a passion about what you are doing.”

Allie’s position in Delta as Risk Management Chair brought her to Texas working with Delta headquarters to implement the new Reflections Body Image Program.  The program brought our chapter high praise from

Sisters visit Executive Office. Click for larger.

executive office and her hard work coordinated Fat Talk Free Week. (Click here for more info)  She is now second in command for our chapter as Vice President of Administration.  Impressed?  Just wait, her work around campus is equally as outstanding, as she has held positions in the Pre-Law Fraternity and Student Government Association.

Easily though, Allie’s biggest achievement has been becoming the Director of Elonthon.  She started coordinating major charities in high school, acting as the director of the largest high school dance marathon in the country raising over $150,000!  Allie says she remembers seeing the THON table at the organization fair freshman year and telling herself, “I’ll be running that in two years.”  If you don’t know much about Elonthon, it is Elon’s largest student organization and philanthropic effort, and raises over $100,000 every year to support the Children’s Miracle Network(Fun fact, we have three sisters on Executive Committee for Elonthon this year!)

Allie (far right) accepting a check for $100,547.55 for Children's Miracle Network. Click for larger.

“Just seeing the kids faces that we are helping and knowing that we are making even a small difference is all I need to keep going every day,” says Allie. “That kind of love and passion that I have for helping others in need is something that drives me. That’s what I like to share with Elon students. If even one person who attends THON realizes the importance of giving back, it’s all worth it to me!”


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