A Day in the Life of a Tri Delta Field Consultant

Emily Wise, a Tri Delta alumna and 2011 Elon graduate, contributed  to the growth of the Epsilon Delta chapter through her dedication, leadership, and compassion. Now, she is working with Tri Delta chapters all over the country!

Emily is one of seven women chosen from applicants across the U.S. to work as a field consultant for Tri Delta. What an honor!

“I feel so fortunate to have been given the chance to give back to the organization that gave me the most during my collegiate years.  My Epsilon Delta sisters supported me so much, and truly made my time at Elon complete. The fact that I am able to help chapters give their members the same positive experience is absolutely incredible!”

Her Favorite Tri Delta Memory

“My favorite memory was running down the hill after being a Pi Chi my junior year and being welcomed back into the chapter with open arms. I have never felt so loved!”

Emily shares her favorite moments, experiences and life lessons she has carried with her as she travels from campus to campus.

 Q: Tell us about your responsibilities as a field consultant. What types of tasks must you accomplish in this job?

A: Where to begin! I have been traveling for Tri Delta since August, and will have visited 34 chapters by the time I finish in May. Being a field consultant requires me to represent the fraternity to collegiate affiliates while providing them with hands-on support in areas such as public relations, recruitment, finances and risk management. I am responsible for forming relationships with university officials, as well as Fraternity members, advisors and volunteers.

Q: What have you learned working as a field consultant?

A: I have learned a lot about myself from being a field consultant: how to re-charge my batteries in stressful situations, and how to relate to many different types of people and communities. I have also gained the understanding that Tri Delta can mean a plethora of different things to different sisters.

 Q: What skills must one have to be a field consultant for Tri Delta?

 A: Flexibility is probably the most important       skill a field consultant needs to possess. Our schedules can change at any given moment to reflect the needs of collegiate chapters, so my suitcases and I always need to be ready! It is also very important to be approachable, optimistic, and professional.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in this job?

A: My travel schedule can certainly be rigorous at times, but I would say my biggest challenge has been being away from family and friends.

Q: What is your most cherished memory working for Tri Delta so far?

A:My most cherished memories are from summer and mid-year training, getting to spend time with my fellow field consultants in Arlington!

Q: How has your love of Tri Delta grown after having this job?

A: My appreciation for the fraternity, my pride in our relationship with St. Jude, and my amazement at the strong network of Tri Deltas all over the country has grown exponentially since becoming a Field Consultant.

Emily at a Cornhuskers game at the University of Nebraska! So far, Emily has traveled to 15 colleges and universities, each one with a special and unique sisterhood.

You can keep up with more Field Consultant adventures on Twitter by following Emily’s personal account, @ewise530and the Tri Delta Field Consultant’s account, @TriDeltaFCs 


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