Sincerely Yours 2015

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One letter. One cause. 50 letters. 

Last night, our chapter participated in our annual “Sincerely Yours” philanthropy event to support our national philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Each sister wrote a minimum of 50 personalized letters to our family and friends, informing them of the amazing work that goes on at St. Jude and asking for support to reach our latest national goal of raising $60 million in 10 years. This commitment marks the biggest commitment by any partner in the hospital’s history and will contribute to ongoing patient support as well as funding Tri Delta Place.

IMG_3828“I am honored to be organizing this event for our chapter this year. This is the way that we raise the most money for St. Jude and so to see everyone supporting St. Jude by writing letters and enjoying each others company is so exciting! Hopefully we can support St. Jude even more this year!” ~Alaina Schukraft, Philanthropy Chair

In the past, this event has proven to be a large success. Last year, we raised over $70,000 from this event, and hope to only increase that number this year.

The event was also a great sisterhood bonding event. We loved being able to spend time together, all whilesupporting a cause close to our hearts. Throughout the event we were reminded of why we were writing each letter, including an encouraging presentation from a St. Jude representative.

So be on the lookout for a letter in your mailbox. The support of our family and friends makes all the difference!


Sponsor Reveal 2015

Big Little Reveal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! After a week of secrets and surprises, it was finally time for the bigs to reveal their identity and welcome the newest members of Epsilon Delta into their Greek families.

The new members were surprised when what they thought to be another new member meeting turned into the highly-anticipated reveal. Each little was told to find a wrapped box with her name on it and wait. At the count of three, the bigs popped out of their creatively decorated boxes and into the arms of their new littles. Talk about the best present to unwrap!

The Valentine’s Day-themed celebration was full of photo ops, hugs, and lots of family love. Check out all of the fun we had sharing one of our favorite Tri Delta traditions with the new Pi class yesterday!

Sisters Visit St. Jude

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In 2014, Tri Delta committed to raising $60 million in 10 years to name Tri Delta Place, the on-campus, short-term housing facility at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Last weekend, two of our sisters, Alaina Schukraft and Carolyn Wright, had the opportunity to travel to Memphis to attend the formal dedication of Tri Delta Place alongside over 400 sisters from chapters across the country. Check out what Alaina and Carolyn had to say about their visit to St. Jude!


St. Jude is an absolutely incredible place. This past weekend has left us in awe of the work that not only the hospital does, but also what we as a Greek organization have been able to accomplish for such an amazing cause. The dedication of Tri Delta Place really put into perspective what an amazing contribution we have been able to make for such a great cause. Triangles, pearls, and pansies can be seen all over this remarkable building that creates a home away from home for many of the patients and families that come to St. Jude.

Over the course of the weekend, not only did we get the chance to visit the amazing hospital and Tri Delta Place, but we also got to spend time with some of our sisters from around the country and learn about how we could relay the excitement we were feeling about St. Jude back to our own chapters. We sat through brainstorming sessions, information sessions, and were privileged to listen and learn from other chapters across the nation. Not only were we able to learn from other sisters, we also had the chance to learn from patients and families when they came and spoke about their experiences and how Tri Delta has had an impact on their family and their journey with St. Jude. The effect that Tri Delta has had on the organization as a whole, can be seen from the hallways and the rooms of the hospital to the smiles on the faces of the patients and their families.  Throughout these sessions, not once did the patients or families talk about the treatment, they focused on all of the positive things that St. Jude has provided for them. The patients referred to the doctors, childhood specialists, and staff at the hospital as their family.


This weekend has left us re-inspired and motivated to get out chapter involved in as many ways possible. The gratitude from every family and employee of St. Jude for all that Tri-Delta does is truly moving and we feel so fortunate that we were able to represent our chapter there. We’ve come back with a reignited passion for St. Jude and the work that we can do as a chapter to support our philanthropy. We have so many ideas for new events and ways to revamp events that we already have. We can’t wait to share all of the things we learned with our chapter and get started with planning an amazing year! 



Our Recruitment Advice


  1. Keep chapstick or lipgloss in your coat pocket! I’d stay away from anything colored because that could be distracting & would require a mirror to reapply.

  2. Consider bringing a blanket to wrap around yourself when you have to stand in the cold without your coats. It’s really easy to chuck to the side once the sorority house opens their doors.

  3. The houses get really really REALLY warm during the rounds, so despite how cold it is outside try not to wear heavy clothing or too many layers.

  4. Picking your outfits can be stressful, but dress however you feel your best. As long as you look put together you’ll be fine.

  5. Chapstick, Chapstick, Chapstick. It’s cold and you’re doing a lot of talking… you’re going to need it!

  6. Relax, it’s supposed to be fun. When else do you get to meet so many uniquely interesting and fun people in one week?

  7. It’s hard to believe and listen to the Pi Chi’s when they tell you to “trust the system,” but I learned that they’re SO right. Everything truly happens for a reason and falls into place in the end. Don’t be anxious and just go with the flow throughout the long days. Follow your heart!

  8.  Drink lots of tea at night…your throat will need it from all the chatting!

  9. Make sure you have dinner plans set: whether it’s a frozen dinner ready to heat up or Dominos on speed dial. You’re not going to want to leave campus after the days are done because you’ll most likely be tired and cold.

  10. If you’re ordering takeout for dinner with your roomies, know what you want before you leave in the morning and have the first person who gets home order for everyone. That way you don’t all have to wait for the last person to get home before ordering!

  11. DO NOT talk to your friends about your opinions on any of the sororities. This was the best advice I got. Recruitment is a very personal, individual process so just talk about other things instead!

  12. Watch where the Pi Chis put your jacket so you can easily find it after rounds!

Our New 2015-2016 Slate

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We are so proud to announce our new slate for 2015-2016! We cannot wait to see what amazing things these officers do when they begin their terms on Bid Day this year!

President – A Lovely Pi Chi

VPM – Carolyn Wright

Asst. VPM – Jen Gehrin

New Member Educator – Jackie Piefer

Asst. New Member Educator – Katie Quick

Reference Chair – Abby Moylan

Sponsor Chair – A Lovely Pi Chi

VPCD – Emily Bujnoski

Continuing Education – Jordan Lockhart

Academics – Katrine Ryan

Member Development – Meagan Murtagh

Sisterhood – Emily Seligman

Music Chair – Mary Frances DeVoe

VPPR – Meghan Windle

Risk Management – Stephanie Tizik

Social Chair – Cait Phelan

Philanthropy Chair – Alaina Schukraft

Activities Chair – Jessi Weed

Chapter Correspondent – Allison Srour

Greek Week Chair – Lily Merritt

Service Chair – Katie Hugus

Collegiate-Alumni Relations – Kayla Holder

Fraternity Relations – A Lovely Pi Chi

PHC Delegate – Brianna Pepperman

Assistant PHC Delegate – Lauren McAllister

VPA – Holly Oberle

House Manager – Katie Quick

Secretary – Catherine van Eyke

VPF – Ashley Linsz

Treasurer – Victoria Rosen

Licensing Chair – Waverly McConnell